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Classic Docks

Standard Aluminum Docks

Our Standard Aluminum Dock are built with our  welded bi-directional frame supporting non-anodized decking that will not warp, splinter or rot like wood.  Aluminum Docks are half the weight of wood docks, have no risk of protruding nails and will last 4Ever!  Backed by the best lifetime warranty in the industry our economical Standard Aluminum Docks are the best value for your money.

Anodized Aluminum Docks

This is the longest-lasting and lowest maintenance dock available today.  It will not corrode, splinter or warp.  Built on our bi-directional frame that a very strong dock that is lighter than either vinyl or wood docks.  A tough anodized coating will keep your dock cleaner and cooler than any other dock on the market, bar none!  Backed by the strongest warranty available the dock will last you 4Ever!

Deluxe Vinyl Docks

Our Deluxe Vinyl Dock is built on an extra strong 2"x4" heavy wall aluminum bi-directional frame that is tucked neatly under the deck. The rigid 1 9/16" thick deck is attached with hardware through hidden mounting holes for a clean modern dock that is cool, soft, foot-friendly and virtually maintenance-free.  We offer this premium dock in White, Tan or Grey to complement any outdoor space.

All of our solid vinyl docks, including the Deluxe use the same 11 3/4" wide decking with integrated to help maintain rigidity. These foot-friendly docks are virtually maintenance-free with a slip resistant surface.

Standard Vinyl Docks

Built with anodized stringers and a strong bi-directional frame that help minimize squeaking that comes with other vinyl docks. The strong 1 9/16" thick decking is cool, soft, foot-friendly and attached to the frame via hidden mounting screws.  Our vinyl docks are virtually maintenance-free and protected by out industry-leading lifetime warranty.  We offer this modern interpretation of the classic dock in White, Tan or Grey.

Titan Premium Decking Docks

We also offer our vinyl dock with the choice of premium Titan Decking with anodized stringers and bi-directional frame. Titan's design minimizes storm damage from wind and surge effects.  Titan has an effective anti-slip tread that provides a safer, more stable walk-way for active children.  We use premium stainless steel hardware to attach the decking to the frame to reduce staining at the mounting points.  Available in; Grey, Mushroom (tan) and White.

Wood & Aluminum Docks

Built with treated pine decking and non-anodized stringers, this is the classic dock of your memories.  Rustic and rugged the 4' model comes with a standard center support to reduce the flexing that can occur with the competitions' wood docks.  Our Wood and Aluminum Docks offer years of service at an economical price.

(Lifetime warranty does not cover wood decking which may warp, crack, splinter or rot.)

Solid Deck Aluminum Docks

For people that prefer a solid surface dock we offer anodized interlocking aluminum decking and stringers welded to our standard bi-directional frame. The decking is closely fitted for a classic and functional design.  Compatible with many other manufacturers' docks, our Solid Deck Docks are an excellent way to expand or update existing aluminum docks.

For additional information regarding our docks, supports, accessories, and designs, please contact our office by calling 517.368.0000 or by sending us a message by clicking the contact button below.