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Truss Dock Systems

Our Truss Docks are available as Floating or Stationary models with your choice of standard aluminum, anodized aluminum, solid vinyl, ThruFlow vinyl or treated pine decking.  Our Roll-In-Dock is available only with anodized aluminum decking.  All of our Truss Docks are built with the same all welded 2"x2" heavy duty aluminum angle frame with 1/2" solid aluminum bracing and 3 1/8" vertical supports  These docks are the strongest we offer and can be configured for any design that you want.


Our Roll-In-Docks are ideally suited for shallow water with firm bottom conditions.  Easily adjustable from 2.5' to 5.5' and heights up to 8' with the optional Deep Water Kit.  Wheel sections are 4'x16' and wheel-less extensions are available 4'x4', 4'x8' and 4'x16'.  Optional Hinged Ramps come in sizes 4'x4' and 4'x8'.  Using combinations of wheeled and wheel-less sections allow you to design the dock of your dreams!  Each Section comes with 2 Post  Collars.

Floating Docks

Floating Docks are best for very deep water conditions or very silty/muddy bottom conditions.  Floating Docks are also idea for environments with fluctuating water levels.  We use heavy duty floats that are UV and impact resistant. Available in 4'x8', 4'x12' and 4'x16' sizes with optional 4' or 8' hinged ramps.

***We can build your Floating Dock in custom widths of 2' to 8'.  We offer special assistance in designing your custom Floating Dock***

Please call or email us for this no charge service.

Stationary Truss Docks

Originally designed for commercial applications Stationary Truss Docks have become a popular option for private residences.  Standard sizes are available in 4'x8', 4'x12' and 4'x16', with special order widths from 2' to 8'.  Stationary Truss Docks are configurable to any design you could desire and have the strength to last for years.  Each section comes with 2 Post Collars and use standard 2" OD posts with any necessary base supports.

For additional information regarding our docks, supports, accessories, and designs, please contact our office by calling 517.368.0000 or by sending us a message by clicking the contact button below.